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The Circuit

Located on the third floor, The Circuit is a full body strength training workout. It contains eight pieces of MedX strength training equipment. The use of MedX equipment ensures a safe and medically sound exercise program. The Circuit is designed to be an intense and concise workout. Its design allows members to move quickly from one machine to the next without rest. This continuous form of exercise improves muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular performance.

The Circuit is the right choice for any fitness level. From the beginner who doesn't want to wander around looking for equipment to the seasoned pro trying to push their limits or the time crunched parent squeezing in a quick workout. New members can use their three free training sessions to learn the equipment and its proper techniques. Each machine will be set to fit your individual body type and physical ability. Our highly qualified staff provides encouragement, education and support; while monitoring the safety of each trainee.

Why should I choose The Circuit?

  • Circuit training provides both strength and cardio benefits.
  • Full body circuit provides a complete workout.
  • Completing two workouts per-week will provide optimal benefits.
  • Equipment conveniently located to maximize efficiency.
  • Fast effective workout.